Belgrade Waterfront (gallery - ongoing)

The number of migrants in Serbia has been steadily growing in the second half of 2016. More people continue to arrive, while departures have largely stagnated due to Hungary and Croatia tightening their border controls. As a result, Serbia is faced with a growing number of people who do not want to stay, but are unable to leave. Thousand of them are spending the cold winter time in a squat in the center of Belgrade, in critical living conditions without food and warm clothes. The Serbian government issued a statement announcing a ban on NGOs from providing refugees and migrants who live outside of government - recognised camps with food, blankets and clothing. The legal consequences of the ban, which doesn't prohibit providing medicine, are unclear, and some volunteer organisation has nonetheless continued to bring food once a day. There are many cases of hypothermia caused by the temperatures below zero degrees or respiratory diseases caused by the quality of wood burned. The occupied warehouse is located close to a site for the construction of a luxury residential area.

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