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Picturing Refugees
How Photographing Lost Objects Revealed Another Lens on Migration

by Megan Alcantar for The New Humanitarian

'On the Italian island of Lampedusa, it is clear that Italy’s political crisis over migration has much deeper roots that any government furor.
In recent weeks, Italy has shuts its ports to several NGO boats carrying people rescued at sea. Italy’s new government projects a defiant stance to voters and to Europe that Italy will no long shoulder responsibility for sea arrivals to the continent.
Lampedusa, which is closer to the coast of North Africa than to mainland Europe, has been the first port of call for boats of people seeking shelter in Europe for almost two decades. Over the years – including the peak arrivals of recent years and the latest drop in numbers – people arriving on Lampedusa have been held in official facilities while they undergo expedited asylum procedures and face potential deportation...'
Read the full article here
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