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Da lunedì 27 marzo a sabato 1 aprile 2023 si tiene la settimana di studi sul tema "Raccontare le migrazioni. Voci, narrazioni, testimonianze" del Dottorato in Migrazioni, Differenze, Giustizia sociale dell'Università degli Studi di Palermo.

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Moving Things, On the Materiality of (Forced) Migration

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Moving Things, On the Materiality of (Forced) Migration, Forum Wissen Göttingen

Special exhibition area
Opening on Thursday, 27 October 2022, 6.30 pm. | 28 October 2022 – 15 January 2023

A Project by Institut für Ethnologie der Georg-August-Universität Göttingen, Museum Friedland | Kunstverein Göttingen
Die Exponauten. Ausstellungen et cetera.
Curatorial team Prof. Dr. Joachim Baur, Elza Czarnowski, Anoush Masoudi, Miriam Trostorf.

With contributions by Mario Badagliacca, Jorge Fernández, Jakob Haueisen, Grey Hutton, Pablo Iraburu, Romm Lewkowicz, Thaer Maarouf, Gideon Mendel, Adrian Oeser, Yuka Oyama, Pablo Tosco, Clara Wieck.
What role do objects play for people who have to flee from their homes? How much human dignity is contained in a smartphone or a pair of shoes? What do these and other things mean to the individuals? A new special exhibition at Forum Wissen approaches the topics of flight and migration through the language of objects.
Moving Things is an exhibition about unassuming, everyday things such as a pair of shoes in the context of flight and migration or other moving things such as a suitcase, papers, food, a boat, smartphones or works of art.
The exhibition tries to visualise the materiality of migration and wants visitors to reflect on related concepts such as borders, community, home and solidarity. It explores how these things came to carry their special meanings in the first place.
Moving things also explores how a museum can provide a space where these matters are discussed. It is the result of the research project “On the Materiality of Flight and Migration” which was conducted by three affiliated partners: the Institute of Social and Cultural Anthropology at the University of Göttingen, Museum Friedland and the Berlin exhibition agency Die Exponauten.
The starting point for the project was ethnographic research in the Friedland Transit Camp near Göttingen. The avenues of the research and the conversations and encounters soon led far beyond Lower Saxony: to Moria and Turkey, to Syria and to Afghan communities in Iran.

From September 2018 to July 2021, the research project pursued questions such as what role do objects play for people who have to flee their homes? What promises do they carry, what emotions, what hopes and expectations? What story do things tell about human existence? What does material possession have to do with human dignity and what does its loss mean for the self-awareness and self-positioning of the individual? How do people change things and things people? How can they be moved?
The forms of presentation, developed with the exhibition design studio Kooperative für Darstellungspolitik, Berlin, are very varied: They range from arrangements without any objects, over a strong focus on individual things, artistic positions to spatial scenarios.

The “Moving Things” exhibition is funded by the Cultural Foundation of the German Federal States, the Foundation of Lower Saxony and – in the context of the funding priority “language of objects” – by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research.

For more information about the research project:

There is a book available on the exibition. It is in German and the title is “Moving Things” edited by Wallstein Verlag

A project of: Institute of Social and Cultural Anthropology of the University of Göttingen | Museum Friedland
Die Exponauten. Ausstellungen et cetera | Kunstverein Göttingen


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The Anniversary Issue

To buy individual print issues, including "The Black in the Mediterranean Blue," please email: IUPORDER@INDIANA.EDU

Download here Muse Project TRANSITION ISSUE 132

Guest edited by Nobel laureate and longtime chairman of the magazine’s editorial board, Wole Soyinka, alongside Black Mediterranean scholar, Alessandra Di Maio, T132 examines the Mediterranean as a crossroads for migrants, both past and present, willing and unwilling—with careful attention to the human rights abuses that have arisen in the past decade and the cultural miscegenation (sometimes referred to as metissage) that has shaped the region for thousands of years.

In addition to the poetry of Warsan Shire and ground-breaking historical fiction by Cristina Ubah Ali Farah, “The Black in the Mediterranean Blue” presents an anthology of canonical work that has come to define the Black Mediterranean, including excerpts from Ella Shohat’s essay on black and white cultural claims to Cleopatra and Pap Khouma’s memoir I Was an Elephant Salesman. With sections on the arts, history, and activism, and one entitled “Crossings”—which includes tales of a Cuban slave rescued by English abolitionists and a desert explorer’s drive across the Sahara in the sixties, as well as current quixotic crossings of that desert—any reader can experience the long reach of the Mediterranean—which extends not only across the Sahara, but as far as the heart of ancient Nubia and across the Atlantic to Brazil.
Don’t miss theorist Paul Gilroy’s contextualization of the migration crisis amidst the climate catastrophe or Iain Chambers’s essay on the Mediterranean blues. T132 builds on the legacy of ReSignifications, by including much of the artwork featured at that historic conference with notable additions, such as Fabrice Monteiro’s photographs of eerie black goddesses--avatars of the most polluted places in Africa--and stills from Maria Magda Campos-Pons illegal performance at the Venice Biennale. At nearly four hundred and fifty pages, several dedicated to the history of the magazine, this issue is sure to prove a collector’s item.
The photographer Mario Badagliacca takes us inside the Identification and Expulsion Centers for migrants in Italy and the violations of human rights with the photo essay of Letters from the CIE.

Since its founding in Uganda in 1961, the magazine has kept apace of the rapid transformation of the African Diaspora and has remained a leading forum of intellectual debate. Now, in an age that demands ceaseless improvisation, we aim to be both an anchor of deep reflection on black life and a map charting new routes through the globalized world. Transition is a publication of the Hutchins Center at Harvard University, published three times annually by Indiana University Press. On Twitter at @Transition_Mag

Surviving Society The Spotlight Series

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Surviving Society Podcast host a discussion between the photographer Mario Badagliacca with Antonia Lucia Dawes, Anglo-Neapolitan writer and academic about whiteness, the Mediterranean and race from the edge of Europe. For their Spotlight Series.

Listen the Spotlight Series podcast: S3/E5 Whiteness, the Mediterranean & race at the edge of Europe

Italy is Out Istituto Italiano di Cultura di Londra December 7 2021

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Join us for a talk about "Italy is Out" a book that explores the implications of Italian migration.
Tuesday 7 December, 3pm
Virtual Event

A conversation with the editors, writers, and the subjects of the portraits.
A round table with Mario Badagliacca

Introduced by Director ICI London Katia Pizzi

The internationally renowned documentary photographer in conversation with Professor Derek Duncan (University of St Andrews), Professor Charles Burdett (University of London) and Dr. Antonia Dawes (King’s College London).

The speakers will discuss the book Italy is Out recently published in the UK (Liverpool University Press) by Mario Badagliacca and Derek Duncan, fruit of the collaboration between the photographer and the research team of ‘Translationalizing Modern Languages: Mobility, Identity and Translation in Modern Italian Cultures’, a ARHC-funded project which explored the implications of Italian migration in a global perspective tracing cultural transformations across borders, generations and language.

Italy is Out is the fruit of the collaboration between Mario Badagliacca, the established documentary photographer, and the research team of Transnationalizing Modern Languages: Mobility, Identity and Translation in Modern Italian Cultures (2014-16). This ARHC-funded project explored the implications of Italian migration in a global perspective tracing cultural transformations across borders, generations, and language. Badagliacca visited some of the project’s key locations conducting interviews with Italians or people of Italian descent before photographing them in familiar locations. The subjects of the portraits were invited to bring along three objects representing their attachment to Italy. The sheer variety of the objects which appear alongside the portraits suggest the diversity of the migrant experience. Photographs shot in London, New York, and Buenos Aires feature members of the historical Italian community, but also first generation migrants in search of opportunities not offered at home. A similar complexity emerges, more unexpectedly, in the postcolonial Italian communities of Tunis and Addis Abeba. The photographs are accompanied by essays written by members of the research team and people who have in some way participated in the project. Fiction, autobiography and academic reflection sit side by side adding to Badagliacca’s multifaceted exploration of Italians abroad.

Join us through this link

Password: t7ZQ6aGAAC2

Data: Mar 7 Dic 2021
Orario: Alle 15:00
Ingresso : Libero

Italy is Out at NJCU Center for the Arts November, 29 2021

date » 18-11-2021 13:14

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Join us for a talk about "Italy is Out" a book that explores the implications of Italian migration.
Monday, November 29, 1:00 P.M.
Virtual Event

Hosted by Edvige Giunta and Marie Garcia.
A conversation with the editors, writers, and the subjects of the portraits.
Mario Badagliacca & Derek Duncan, Jacopo Colombini, Claudia Giunta, Edvige Giunta and Georgia Wall.
Italy is Out is the fruit of the collaboration between Mario Badagliacca, the established documentary photographer, and the research team of 'Transnationalizing Modern Languages: Mobility, Identity and Translation in Modern Italian Cultures' (2014-16). This ARHC-funded project explored the implications of Italian migration in a global perspective tracing cultural transformations across borders, generations, and language.

For information about the event click here


Italy Is Out can be ordered HERE

Byre World: Italy is Out (Live Stream) Wednesday, 10th November

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Mario Badagliacca is a Sicilian photographer who documents human mobility, its culture and constraints. His book, co-edited by Derek Duncan (Department of Italian) Italy is out, contains a selection of portraits of Italians who have emigrated accompanied by a study of objects which they chose to represent their ongoing attachment to Italy. It also contains a series of short written pieces – historical, fictional, academic, autobiographical. Join them to discuss the multiple ways of responding to these very moving images. Mario and Derek will be joined in conversation by the Italian-American writer Edvige Giunta, featured in the book.

Wednesday, 10th November, Byre Theatre University of St. Andrews

Please Note: This is a live stream of a live in-person event at the Byre Theatre, which can be booked HERE.

Buy a copy here:

Shop in the UK: Liverpool University Press

Shop in Italy:
IBS-La Feltrinelli

Shop in the USA and Canada: Oxford University Press

Letterando in Fest X Edizione 2019

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Moors of Sicily apre l'Edizione 2019 del Letterando in Fest a Sciacca

Claudia Durastanti è la prima di un quartetto di scrittrici, volutamente tutto al femminile e di alto livello, che segnerà il festival curato da Paola Caridi e che si aprirà ufficialmente giovedì pomeriggio. L’inaugurazione è alle 18:30 presso il Salone degli Specchi con l’apertura al pubblico della mostra fotografica “Mori di Sicilia/Moors of Sicily” di Mario Badagliacca, lavoro sviluppato in occasione della grande esibizione artistica dal titolo Resignification in scena allo ZAC di Palermo lo scorso anno durante Manifesta 12. Una mostra fotografica, quella di Badagliacca, dedicata alla rappresentazione del corpo nero, dei mori in Sicilia, rispecchiamento di una dimensione tutta mediterranea dell’Isola. A comporre la mostra saranno anche le teste di moro realizzate da Giuseppe Trapani, nome noto della ceramica artistica di Sciacca, in un gioco di rimandi tra tradizione e fotografia d’arte.

Inaugurazione 30 maggio 2019, ore 18.00 Salone degli Specchi, Badia Grande

Interview The New Humanitarian

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Picturing Refugees
How Photographing Lost Objects Revealed Another Lens on Migration

by Megan Alcantar for The New Humanitarian

'On the Italian island of Lampedusa, it is clear that Italy’s political crisis over migration has much deeper roots that any government furor.
In recent weeks, Italy has shuts its ports to several NGO boats carrying people rescued at sea. Italy’s new government projects a defiant stance to voters and to Europe that Italy will no long shoulder responsibility for sea arrivals to the continent.
Lampedusa, which is closer to the coast of North Africa than to mainland Europe, has been the first port of call for boats of people seeking shelter in Europe for almost two decades. Over the years – including the peak arrivals of recent years and the latest drop in numbers – people arriving on Lampedusa have been held in official facilities while they undergo expedited asylum procedures and face potential deportation...'
Read the full article here

Fragments at the University of Potsdam

date » 06-05-2019 20:28

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On May 2-4, 2019 Bard College Berlin and the University of Potsdam invite you to the joint symposium “Shifting Frames: Migrant Children, Politics and History”, and the exhibit 'Fragments' by Mario Badagliacca.

This symposium will critically explore policies and cultural representations of child migrants--specifically but not only those labeled as "child refugees"--in the UK and its former colonies the USA, Canada, Australia and South Africa, with comparison to our location of Germany. It aims to think towards frames beyond humanitarianism for understanding and discussing child migration and seeks ways of connecting scholarly research with activism.

On May 2 at 18:00, Professor Jacqueline Bhabha from Harvard University will deliver the keynote lecture "The Human Rights of Child Migrants: An Unfinished Agenda." This public event will take place at the University of Potsdam, Campus Am Neuen Palais, House 8, Rm 0.64, and will be followed by reception.

May 3-4 will see presentations from scholars in addition to short film screenings and photography viewings, as well as a walking tour.

This event is organized by Prof. Dr. Kerry Bystrom, Bard College Berlin; Dr. Sunčica Klaas, University of Potsdam, and Dr. Carly McLaughlin, University of Potsdam.

This major funders of this event are the Thyssen Foundation, the Universitätsgesellschaft Potsdam e.V. and the University of Potsdam, with additional support from Bard College Berlin and AlNatura.

Date & time: May 2-4, 2019
Venue: University of Potsdam, Campus Am Neuen Palais

Location: University of Potsdam, Campus Am Neuen Palais
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