Mediterranea Saving Humans. La via di terra a Palermo,
Teatro Politeama, 28 October 2018

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Mediterranea Saving Humans - La via di terra a Palermo, Teatro Politeama 28 October 2018, 11.00 a.m.
With the participation of: Roberto Alajmo, Vanessa Ambrosecchio, Mario Badagliacca, Letizia Battaglia, Francesco Bellina, Gabriele Bevilacqua, Paola Caridi, Marco Da Milano, Emma Dante, Mariangela Di Gangi, Serena Ganci, Carmelo Graceffa, Itastra, Yossif Latif Jarallah, Simona Mafai, Alessio Mamo, Giuseppe Marsala, Fausto Melluso, Giuseppe Piazzese, Giuseppe Milici, Beatrice Monroy, Paola Nicita, Caterina Pasqualino, Santo Piazzese, Vincenzo Pirrotta, Costanza Quatriglio, Isabella Ragonese, Valerio Rizzo, Evelina Santangelo, Alessandra Sciurba, Antonio Sellerio, Olivia Sellerio Quartet, Shobha, Daniele Vicari.

Mediterranea Saving Humans Project
Mediterranea is a platform of different initiatives of civil society coming to the central Mediterranean after the NGOs have been forced to leave in consequence of being criminalized by political rhetoric, even though no inquiry has ever come to any conviction.
Mediterranea bears great resemblance with the NGOs operating in the Mediterranean sea during the last years, observing, documenting and informing the public of what is happening in those waters, not being carried out by anyone nowadays. At the same time, Mediterranea is different: a non-governmental project by the joint work of heterogeneous organizations and individuals, open to all voices from different perspectives, secular and religious, social and cultural, union and political, that feel the urge to share the goals of this project, which aims at giving hope, rebuilding humanity, and defending law and rights.
The action of Mediterranea is moral disobedience and civil obedience. Disobedience to the nationalist and xenophobic public discourse and to the interdiction of witnessing what is happening in the Mediterranean; but obeying to the constitutional and international law, the law on the seas and general human rights, including the obligation of saving those who are in danger and bringing them to a safe harbor.

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